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"Discover the Astonishing Secrets of the Caribbean's Most Under-Valued, Most Sought After, and Most Explosive Real Estate Investment."



ow you can learn how to bust through the international barrier, swooping up the hottest Dominican beach front property, hoarding passive income cash flow and appreciation you never dreamed of… while owning a piece of paradise with views to kill for… and the luxury of perfect weather 365 days of the year.

   If you’ve ever fantasized of retiring overseas in first-class style, stretching your retirement savings or passive income by up to 50%, wish to remain near friends and family, and wouldn’t mind some fresh adventure and excitement in your life…

…Then keep reading, because you're going to be let in on a secret that is causing a major stir amongst astute real estate investors all over the world!

   Here is what this is all about:

   My name is Robert Halick and until very recently I was your average overworked, underappreciated, corporate sweat hog.  I busted my ass nearly 35 years and handed over my money to "professionals" only to continually watch as they pissed it away on stocks and bonds, that brought me neither acceptable returns or any sense of pleasure.  In fact, the constant market swings nearly hospitalized me on more than one occasion.

   The only thing that kept me going through the skull piercing morning commute and the back-breaking 80 hour weeks was the flickering image of the shining light at the end the tunnel.  For me, I always imagined that light to be a little beach bungalow, with a heartbreaking view, close to a nestled away inlet, where I can cast a line out and reel in some blues, trout's, or snappers. 

   I always imagined this perfect investment, where I got to shelter my cash in a spot that provided me a piece of the leisurely life, and grant my family a nice little income, while it steadily outpaced the lousy gains of the stock market.

   But I swear, as I watched the price of beach property in New Jersey soar as my 401 k sank… I was beginning to think that dream was melting to oblivion.

   Doesn't it drive you nuts?  To be so close to the good life you can taste it.  Yet, at other times to feel so far removed from the possibility of achieving it you get sick to your stomach?  I had traveled enough to know that there had to be something better than this… there had to be a way out of this daily grind of an existence.

Couldn't Believe My Eyes

   I've always been the sort of guy who listens closely when my gut starts talking to me.  And during a trip down to Cabarete beach in the Dominican Republic last year, my gut was barking louder than ever.  It kept screaming how I had finally found shining light at the end of the tunnel. 

   If you're like me, and have dreamed of living in an ocean front condo with tropical surroundings, a simple beachfront bungalow where you can prop up your feet on the rail and watch the tide roll in, an expansive hacienda with enough acreage for horses to roam, or a Cliffside villa with sunset views and cool, steady breezes, you're likely to understand just how blown away I was by the Dominican Republic.

   Within hours of surveying the local landscape, chatting with locals, and soaking in the sun… I knew I had finally found that perfect investment that had always eluded me.

   But man, I would be lying if I didn't say that the thought of purchasing property overseas was so far outside my comfort zone it made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.  Doesn't it drive you nuts- knowing deep inside that you've got the opportunity of a lifetime just sitting there waiting to be plucked.  But your mind is racing with all of these unanswered questions that paralyze you with a sense of fear and intimidation.

Fortunately, I'm The Kind Of Guy Who Will Bitch To Anyone Who'll Listen!


   That's how I ran into Tony Almeida.  Tony was a skilled investor from the states who had been scouting out real estate in the DR and was hip to the local markets… He hung with the big dogs.  And was keenly familiar the fine details of the island.  One night we sat in a barista in Cabarete beach until close to dawn.  As we sipped Presidentes he dumped his entire brain worth of knowledge on me.

   My life almost instantly changed…

   I had infused my income stream with a steady flow of rental cash that consistently pummeled the returns I was getting in any of my less "risky" investments... (And you should have seen the look on my accountant's face when I told him how I created this new surge of disposable income)


   Most importantly I get to escape to the beach every three months with my fishing pole.  I lounge near the water, sipping fresh brewed coffee, and living life exactly the way I envisioned it- I conquered my fear, busted through my comfort zone, and am being rewarded with spine tingling sunsets, cash, and the cool validation of friend's who thought I was crazy.


   Plus incredibly...


While the Value of My Home in the States was Plummeting... My Dominican Condo Was Consistently Scaling New Levels of Appreciation


   And I don't just mean "on paper" I'm talking about a fax full of offers from hungry investors looking for their piece of the action.  It just gets better and better!


   While this may sound like a far-fetched fantasy… I assure you there is nothing magical about it.  You see what I learned from Tony, had almost nothing to do with me… and everything to do with his insider secrets and his proven formula for analyzing, negotiating, and purchasing property in the Dominican Republic he developed over the years… 


   I sat breathless, as Tony provided me with what truly is a huge "shortcut roadmap" on how to go from clueless... to clued-in... In the fastest time humanly possible.

   He revealed everything:

         The "keep it simple" investment strategies of squeezing out the most profit from the least amount of work...

         The dark arts of super successful real estate negotiating tactics.

         And the honest shortcuts behind cherry picking the hottest Caribbean property from the comfort of your own home.

   If you've got the guts, you really can change your entire life.

The Secret Edge to Caribbean Real Estate Investing

   It was while talking to Tony I realized what had been preventing me from going forward was lack of a defined, well thought out plan- that could almost guarantee you success.  As I talked to him I began to realize that he had eliminated the risk through education and action.  Once I began to understand more about what this island could offer- I began to see that the riskiest thing I could do was wait another year. 

   Tony told me how he spent months talking to everyone on the island.  He visited every nook and cranny.  He hung out with the fisherman in Bayahibe, the surfers in Cabarete, the French colonists in Samana, the businessmen in Santa Domingo… and with this keen knack for quickly building rapport with people (which I experienced firsthand) he was able to compile a manuscript that would act as a blueprint for investing in the Dominican Republic.

   It was because Tony took his fundamental knowledge of real estate investing (Tony will explain the formulas and strategies later) that he was able to supercharge his success in the Dominican by zooming in on the hidden gems in the most hot-blooded markets. 

   The investment strategy Tony devised after researching and analyzing the island for years is so simple, yet so crushingly powerful, that anyone can use it to predictably "steal" their dream vacation home, or even to build an overseas passive income empire.

A Dominican Spy Unleashes the Inside Dirt on Beach Front Property

   Anyway, there is a very good reason I am telling you all of this.  For years the only way to buy property in the Dominican Republic was to fly down there, and cross your fingers that the "expert" you were dealing with really had your best interest at hand.  Since most people (like myself) have absolutely no experience purchasing land on a far off island… they usually wind up over paying, buying in the wrong location, and getting taken for the proverbial ride.

And the sad part is, up until now, there really hadn't been anyone that could legitimately help them.  Any of the advice being offered on the internet was simply from realtors looking to sell you something… (And we all know whose best interest they have in mind)  In fact, I would bet the average investor wastes thousands of dollars and countless hours flying down to the DR and hoping that they would magically stumble onto the keys to the kingdom. But these same investors would quickly find themselves powerless, intimidated by the culture differences, and the underlying sense that they were in over their head.

The Most Sought After Investment Advice

   And this vicious cycle would probably have continued… The DR would keep losing motivated, honest investors simply because they did not have a guide to give them the edge they needed to feel safe and comfortable investing.  When I told Tony of the success that I had amassed following his manuscript it seemed to genuinely please him.  He told me how he wanted to see more good men down here like myself.  It was then that I convinced him to release this manuscript to the public.  It would be the only way to ensure that these men had a fair chance at capturing their dream.

   He initially balked at the idea.  His reasoning was that part of the charm of the Dominican was that it wasn't over-crowded with soul less investors. In fact, it was still a place that was only populated with "the in-crowd" as he liked to call the people who appreciated the fine beauty of the island and were intelligent enough to get in early. 

He would release the manuscript privately over the internet- this way only the serious- the aficionadas who would truly appreciate what the island offered would be find it… they would be the only ones searching it out.

   That means if you're reading this you are probably the kind of person Tony wants to see taking that step.  You are the kind of person who sees rare opportunities to get in early.  And he has created this package so that you don't risk a dime checking it out.  What you get is the entire manuscript- which includes an additional 73 pages from when I read it… now jam packed with 173 pages of how to buy real estate in the DR and make a big profit doing it.

Packed into this manuscript is everything you need to know to generate a lot of money in the DR and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it… you get the same instructional format I used to purchase my property (which now nets me $400 a month after all expenses) and I'm getting ready to buy my second. 


   Here is what he has for you:

         Step-by-step blueprints and formulas for getting your own amazing results as fast as possible...

         You'll devour the in-depth analyzation of the entire island, including every inch of beach, as your mind races with the sheer number of undiscovered gems waiting to be mined.  After breezing through the second chapter you'll already possess the hidden secrets of the island that only the most privileged insiders know.

         By becoming an expert in the complete layout of the island- you'll also protect yourself from the false promises of greed fueled realtors who only view you as an unsuspecting meal ticket. 

         You'll attract the prominent brokers because you'll be able to converse in their lingo and they'll quickly size you up as someone's who time should be valued and whose business should be respected.

         How the Dominican real estate market is affected by the different economic cycles- because profits can be made in an up cycle or a down cycle as long as you use the correct strategy for quickly sky rocketing your return on investment.

         You'll be able to intelligently choose if a condo, villa, hotel, or raw land is the most productive vehicle toward reaching your goal.  You'll also have a concrete understanding of the pitfalls and benefits of the various investments vehicles allowing you make a clear, educated purchase, moving you toward you desired objective.

         How to find the "hot" properties for purchase- because the "hot" properties in the "hot" areas will provide you with explosive return on investment in minimal time allowing you to cash out and enjoy a bucket load of cash, or reinvest the money toward building a passive income empire.

         A quickie "Secret Guide" to negotiating strategies that will have you practically stealing properties.  (With these tricks you'll scoop up bargain basement property in "hot" areas so slyly it will leave your friends shaking their heads wondering how you pulled it off.)

         Tony's specific formula for analyzing investment property- because it is a numbers game and if you don't understand the numbers you could be in for a rude awakening as the bills pile up.  And by using this specific formula within minutes you'll know exactly what price you can pay to soar past the breakeven point toward excessive monthly disposable income.

         How to calculate long term and short term profit potential of different investments- because by understanding these concepts you'll gain the confidence to act quickly when you spot a that deal of a lifetime.

Plus:  The investment strategies Tony unloads on you are worth 100x times the price of the manuscript alone. And although that section of the manuscript will most likely have you hungry with anticipation to get the ball rolling.  You don't want to miss the fine details the manuscript contains because there are fundamental differences with Dominican real estate that many brokers or even lawyers won't tell you…

This includes:

  The three often forgotten items you absolutely must include in the contract.  An inexperienced lawyer will often leave this out- and it could easily rob you of thousands of dollars. 

  The "easy out" phrase that your contract must possess- this allows for a "fail safe" way to ensure your deposit is returned if you must back out.

  How to finance your property- because if executed properly- you can secure an interest rate that will jump start your ROI. 

  How to form a Dominican Corporation- this simple step will guarantee that you keep nearly all of the money you make without having to give one cent to the government.

  How to obtain residency in the Dominican- because this simple process will provide you many benefits like securing bank loans, lower taxes, and the ability to take advantage of Law-14-93 that will allow you to import goods duty free.

  A step by step guide for contacting the utilities companies down in the Dominican Republic… your mind will be at complete ease and your first week in the DR will be a walk in the park...

  How to scout out and hire the best possible management company- because there are a lot of sharks down there preying on unsuspecting foreigners.  This guide will allow you make an educated decision before you hire anyone to rent your place out.  This one chapter can save you thousands of dollars every month.

  How to manage your rental property- because the passive income will come storming in like a hurricane once you've got the property on a system that will have eager tourists paying you top dollar for weekly stays in your condo. 

 The best part is you don't have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer right now for only $47.97.

You’ll Also Get Three Additional Bonuses

*** Warning: Available for the next 3 days only! ***

For a short time Tony is including 3 bonus phone call interviews he did with Dominican real estate investing insiders. 

Exclusive Super Bonus 1

Las Terennas -Insider Audio Interview

Sit in on a half an hour phone call between two of the Dominican Republic's most knowledgeable investors.  Listen as Tony picks the brain of Bruce Pierson, 10 year resident, investor, and broker in Las Terrenas, one of the Dominican's hottest investment locations.

In the 30 minute phone call you'll learn:

  Little known secrets about the Samana peninsula that have "inside" investors expecting huge gains in the next few years

  Learn the evolution of the island and where Bruce believes it is headed

  Discover what the number one investment strategy the most successful investors have been implementing along the North East coast.

Exclusive Super Bonus 2

North Coast – Insider Audio Interview

This is another private discussion between Tony and Tay Oz, the owner of Property Center, one of the Dominican's most established real estate brokerages.  Tay has been practicing real estate in the Sosua for the past 7 years and shares the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated in that time.

In this 30 minute phone call you'll learn:

  A little known community project that will turn many areas of formerly undesirable beach front land into the hottest property on the market- and how you can get in before the masses find out about it.

  The truth about financing a property in the Dominican Republic

  Why the Dominican Republic real estate market is resistant to the wild swings of the global markets

  And learn why Ty believes that land is the single best investment in the world right now

Exclusive Super Bonus 3

Cabarete Condo Owner- Insider Audio Interview

This phone call features Tony and William Halick.  William purchased a condo in Cabarete nearly a year and a half ago.  In this call Tony picks William's brain about "the truth" behind renting out your condo.

In this 45 minute phone call you'll learn:

  The complete process of marketing your property online

  The truth about earning a rental income with Dominican property

  How to hire a management company

  What kind of appreciation can you expect to see with your investment

  And much more


Who Needs This Report?

        Are you an investor looking for an "inside scoop?"

        Are you an average guy looking for a simple and fun way to make a lot of money?

         Do have money in off-shore accounts that you want to put into more stable investments?

        Do you want to design your perfect lifestyle?

         Is it time for a mini-retirement?

        Are you looking to build a passive income empire?

   Do you just need a place to escape to?


Tony lays out every last strategy, technique, method, tip and trick he knows for predicting with almost laser-like precision- how to discover the golden opportunities that could quickly be turned into maximum and almost immediate profit.

  Tony shows you how to take time tested real estate investment principles and apply them to Dominican market- because thinking like and investor instead of a tourist means the keep ability to consistently select winners.

I don't care if you've bought a single piece of real estate in your life.

   Or if you're just starting out.

   Or if you've taken six other properties straight into foreclosure.

   Or even if you haven't got a clue WHAT you want to buy yet.

   None of that matters.

   The ONLY thing that does matter right now... is your desire to get on the bus.

And after reading the manuscript, you will benefit from proven tactics that will allow you to:

  • Thoroughly analyze markets and market forces so that you're investing your money wisely

  • Select high-potential investment-grade properties with confidence

  • Effectively manage and optimize your portfolio inventory

  • Maintain your investment risk at an acceptable level

  • Effectively balance your capital, cash flow, and debt, to keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum

  • Understand the important fundamentals of international real estate investing; what to look for, how to set yourself up, and how to structure your purchases...

  • Know how to evaluate and find income-producing properties, as well as manage rentals...

  • Understand the critical rules for the lucrative practice of crisis investing...



And there is more:  You also get an index jam packed with the companies, brokers, management companies and service providers that are known for their honesty and work ethic.  The manuscript will also provide you with a complete renter's Q & A that will answer any possible question you may have about renting out your property from abroad.

More Money to Enjoy the Good Life

   The price of this manuscript is mere pennies compared to what you'll receive.  Because the stakes are HUGE. Most rookie international investors murder their chances of success before they even begin. And the rumors are true:  Life gets very exciting when the money finally starts rolling in. You'll look back at the $79 $47.97 you paid for this manuscript and laugh at how insignificant that amount now seems.  Engorge your bank account with massive amounts of fresh cash (no matter how broke you are now)...

   And take almost ANY venture -- in ANY market -- from zero to breathtaking success in the shortest time humanly possible

   The sooner you pick up this book the sooner you will be cultivating your opportunity

   Besides- if you stayed with me this far you're one of the serious guys we want to see down there.

   So let me tell you what the deal is: Click on the link below to order RIGHT NOW. You can use your credit card— it’s fast, safe and 100% secureten times more secure than using a credit card at your favorite restaurant!


   This price will be just pennies in the grand scheme of things. And as you are sitting in the DR, overlooking the ocean- you realize that stumbling upon this letter is what made it all possible.

   That, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for a serious investors like yourself. What's more, the money is actually irrelevant, because…

You Also Get A 60 Day No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Order your personal copy of the manuscript (with the bonus Interviews), and read it and listen to them as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren't completely satisfied after 60 days (by which time I had had closed on my first condo)— just send me an email, and I'll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

   How can Tony afford to be so generous? Easy — so far, every single person I know of who has experienced the thrill of flipping through this manuscript, and knowing that you have the complete toolbox for breaking the bank and getting the results that — as you saw in the above testimonials — almost defy belief.

   So I'm pretty darned confident it can work magic for you, too. Think about it: A nice steady flow of rental income bulking up your bank account every month, the breathtaking view for you and your family to bask in, a place that will have your friends chomping at their bits to visit, and a place that could quite literally triple your networth in as little a few short years. Wouldn't that be nice?

   You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee! I was a dreamer just like you, and I had the invigorating pleasure of seeing my dreams realized— and that’s honestly why I want to share this amazing new manuscript with you, and I don't want you to have to worry about getting "taken" or anything. I've been "gyped" with phony experts trying to get me to buy into their phony junk before. It's hard to find someone you can trust. That's why I'm being so generous.

So order right now. You have nothing to lose…


Robert Halick

P.S. Please order right now, while you're still reading. There's no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing manuscript for yourself… and yet this hot deal may never be offered again! So don't let this chance to change your life slip you by!



Can a manuscript like this really make a big difference in the success of a real estate investment?  You bet it can! Just listen to what these experienced investors say:

"Tony sent me a copy of the manuscript (the first version almost 80 pages shorter) and I couldn't believe how detailed it was.  I was passed it along to all of my clients, and every one of them thanked me for it." Daryl Bryant-

"I wasted three trips to the Dominican Republic getting dragged around by realtors trying to shovel the tourist prices down my throat.  This manuscript would have saved me a boat load of time and money had I discovered it when I was first starting out." Martha Amaro, Clifton NJ

"I closed on my first condo in Cabarete less than a year ago.  I've already been there three times and have it rented almost consistently through the next six months. After all of my expenses, including the loan, I'm still pocketing $300 a month.  This might not sound like much, but consider I own a condo on the beach in the Caribbean- that's more than paying for it self- you can bet I'm happy."  William Halick

"This gave me the confidence to go after what I wanted.  And for me, it was simple.  I found a tiny villa in a gated community.  I paid less than $40,000 what they were originally looking for.  This was entirely possible because of the chapter on negotiation.  I'm not looking to rent the place out- just bought it for pleasure- but I really believe I would never had made the step if it wasn't for the information in this book" Joe Mayer

Are any of these people different than you?  The only difference is that they put their doubts aside and went for it.  I'm 53 years old and the only thing that I wish is that I had discovered this manuscript sooner.  I can't tell you how much my life has transformed since finally taking a hold of my dreams… Its invigorating and liberating.